My name is Kevin deLaplante. I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada with my wife and son. I spend my time reading and writing, making podcasts and videos, designing instructional programs, and watching horror movies on Netflix.

For sixteen years I worked as an academic philosopher teaching courses in philosophy of science, logic, critical thinking and ethics. From 2008-2012 I served as Chair of the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Iowa State University. Here’s a semi-recent cv with full details on my academic background.

In 2015 I gave up the security of a tenured academic position and a steady paycheck to work full-time as an independent educator.

My mission:

With the rise of post-truth politics, “fake news” and rapidly evolving technologies of persuasion and manipulation, we’re face a crisis of knowledge, trust and communication.

This crisis poses unique threats to our individual well-being and our capacity to live and work together in harmony within diverse communities.

My goal is to create learning resources that make us better able to meet the challenges of living together in the 21st century, and to make these resources available to as wide an audience as possible.

More specifically, my mission is to

  • take the best of what philosophers and scientists have learned about how to improve the quality of our reasoning and decision-making, and critical thinking generally (what I call the “light arts”), and
  • combine that with practical knowledge of the “dark arts” of persuasion, influence and manipulation, to
  • create tools and training programs that teach people the skills necessary to
    1. protect themselves from harmful exploitation and manipulation,
    2. become more effective communicators and advocates for the values they care about,
    3. and think more critically and independently for themselves.

Through this training, I want to empower people to become the best version of themselves, and to promote a culture that honors reason, human dignity and fellowship within community.

This website is where I share my thoughts on these topics, and update you on the tools and training that I’m developing.

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