Black Friday Sale: Critical Thinking on Udemy

Hey Critical Thinkers!

Udemy is running its big Black Friday sale.

Each day that you wait to buy, the price of the courses go up!

I’ve got three courses on Udemy and I’ll beat that deal.

From now until Friday, Nov 25, you can get any of the courses below for just $10!

Click the coupon link!



This is one of the top selling philosophy courses on Udemy. In this course I cover a wide range of topics related to critical thinking: logic and argument analysis, fallacies, just-enough formal logic, reasoning with probabilities and fallacies of probabilistic reasoning, an introduction to cognitive biases and their importance for critical thinking, and more! Over 14 hours of content!



The biggest problem with most critical thinking education is that it doesn’t pay enough attention to the psychology of human reasoning. If you’re not familiar cognitive biases, your critical thinking education is seriously incomplete. If you’re really serious about improving the quality of your thinking, please take advantage of this offer. 2.5 hours of content!



This looks like an ordinary “how to write an essay” course, but it’s not. It’s actually a PHILOSOPHY course, disguised as a writing course. Yes, you will learn a great deal about how to structure a good argumentative essay, but you’ll also learn about the importance of literacy for critical thinking, how deep THINKING is connected to deep READING and deep WRITING. 4.5 hours of content!


This deal expires at the end of this week! Take advantage of it now before you miss out!