Thoughts on Bias and Objectivity in the Media

A conservative friend of mine sent me this link to a Ben Shapiro column about the media response to the Islamist terror attack in New York this week (the guy who ran down a bunch of pedestrians with a truck).

He asked me if I thought the argument in the column was a good one.

Shapiro makes a point about double standards in the media with respect to the treatment of terror attacks from homegrown white supremacists vs Islamist jihadis.

We’re quick to blame white supremacist ideology in the former case but afraid to make a connection to Islamic religious ideology in the latter case.

Shapiro infers that the double-standard is due to bias in liberal media.

I said sure, I think the argument is good to the extent that it points out differences in media descriptions of events that one can interpret as guilty of double standards.

However, I don’t tend to get very agitated by biased media interpretations of news events.

Why? Because this is exactly how I expect them to behave.

This sounds cynical I know, but I really don’t intend it to be.

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